Jelle Desramaults

Hi, I’m Jelle Desramaults. I design pretty, functional & flexible websites for lovely clients.


Year report website design & front-end



Website design & front-end



Logo design, website design & UI-design


One-page website design



Logo design & website design


Hotel Hungaria

Website design



PerfectCare website design


Pro Natura

Website design



Website design & front-end


About me

I'm a 32-year old webdesigner with a passion for the web, good design & typography. I work and live in Ghent, Belgium, with my girlfriend and my little boy.

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Why you should hire me

I design functional and flexible websites and pride myself on being a strong visual designer as well as being a good front-end developer.

I strive for high quality every time. Delivering a good, flexible experience for your users, accross devices and screen sizes, is very important to me. I believe in putting in the work. Elbow grease.

After honing my craft – designing websites – for well over a decade I have become what you might call a T-shaped designer. I have worked as a project manager, strategist, UX-designer, information architect, UI-designer, visual designer and front-end developer on numerous project for clients big & small.

What I do

Analysis & strategy

I think about how I can fix your problems and help your users achieve their goals with good, functional design. I’m a problem solver. I think strategically about your business, your process, and how my work can help improve your bottom line.

Information architecture

I visualize my ideas and solutions with wireframes. Sometimes I use low-fi Balsamiq wireframes, hi-fi illustrator mock-ups or I might dive straight into an agile HTML prototype. Whatever gets the job done: each project is different.

Visual design

I keep my design work simple, clean and functional.

My design process evolves iteratively and in close collaboration with you and your team. I use photoshop & illustrator to deliver pixel-perfect, ordered and well documented IA- or PSD-files.

We kick off your project with a design workshop. We talk about your goals, look at your competitors and analyse current visual trends. This helps us to set design goals, avoid clichés and formulate a design mantra. I establish a visual tone using style tiles or element collages, after that I go to work and design your product.


Designing flexible websites is what I do most but I enjoy doing clean, functional UI-design as well. I design web- and native apps.


The browser is where your poduct will be used so it makes sense to validate your design there. If needed I can translate my visual design ideas into a working HTML/CSS prototype. I use a responsive and mobile-first approach.

My code is written following recent best practices and is well documented, so the handover to your development team goes smoothly. I use Jekyll to create a flexible prototype with clean, semantic HTML5 markup. I keep my CSS organised using SASS, Compass and SMACCS. I use the SUSY framework for versatile page-layouts and flexible grids.

What I don’t do

I don’t do hardcore javascript- or CMS-development but I know people who do. I often collaborate with talented like-minded people who share my passion for delivering high-quality work.

I am not a full-service web agency so I don’t do things like online marketing, SEO an social media marketing but I can introduce you to people who do.

I might design the occasional logotype but I am not a branding agency. If you’re serious about getting your branding right I can introduce you to talended partners.

I work remotely

I can work with you on-site for short periods of time if needed, but I prefer to work remotely. I find that the best work gets done in the comfort zone of my own little studio.

I collaborate closely with you and your development team through Basecamp, Campfire chat and GIT.

Thank you for visiting. I am taking on new work so feel free to drop a line at if you'd like to hire me.